Oculus Quest Beat Saber Custom Songs Batch Importer

immediately I found a problem for Quest version: I need to manually search and redownload all of the songs again! I knew I need something simpler

A few days ago, the Custom Songs Mod for the Oculus Quest’s Beat Saber has finally arrived. I tried out the mod, it installed well (download the mod here by NyanBlade, follow the excellent instructions by Tyriel Wood here to install it), but immediately I found a problem: I need to manually search and redownload all of the songs again. But I had already spent hours doing that a few months ago on my PC, and I have over 300 custom songs. Why couldn’t I just import them into the Quest mod installer? I knew I need something simpler.

The Solution

I searched around and couldn’t find a way to do that, so I had to write my own. So here is the little program: the CustomSongs1ClickImporter (click to download)!

How to Use

Import note: before you begin you must install the Mod Installer at least once before you use this tool. (Again download the mod here , follow the instructions here to install it)

All you have to do is to let it know where your mod install folder is, and where your custom songs folder is on your PC, and with 1 click of the “import button”

Wola, your mod install is patched with all your custom songs!

Now you just need to run step 6 in your mod installer again and your latest modded version of beat saber for the Quest will include all custom songs in your PC’s library.

The Custom Songs Editor Problem

With all the mods, beat saber is close to perfect. All except one thing: an official song editor was non-existent until the latest official release 1.0 recently. Before that the song editors were all pretty difficult to use. I had a lot of 3D software experience, but the most difficult part was syncing up the music with the cube slash was very difficult. I felt it had to be done in VR. That’s why I have been working on a VR version of the custom songs editor for the past few months. If you are interested in that, please subscribe below and I’ll keep you updated. 

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