How To Use Airpods With Oculus Quest (Or Any Bluetooth Headphones)

Today we’re gonna show you guys how to use these guys with your oculus quest. stay tuned okay so as you guys may or may not know on the oculus quest there actually is no independent audio system not like on the CV one anyhow instead it’s actually just like the oculus go whereas it’s actually built into the halo strap okay for the most part it’s actually okay I was able to use this pretty well especially outside when I tested it out yesterday however when you’re playing something like beat Sabre when you are really relying on base where your cues unfortunately the audio built into the headset just doesn’t cut it which is why I’m wearing these guys my Apple airpods now you may have already tried to connect these yourselves and probably found out by now no not very easy to do unfortunately but that’s exactly what I’m gonna show you how to do in this video so if you find this tutorial to be helpful go ahead and hit that like button it really helps me out and if you want more tutorials or even more VR stuff in general hit the subscribe button alrighty on to the tutorial alrighty guys so everything that we’re doing here in this tutorial I’m gonna go ahead and put some links in the description for you guys

okay so the very first thing we want to do is we want to go to dashboard oculus comm sign in with our oculus account

and then what we want to do is we want to go over here to create new organization and you can actually name it whatever you want so I’m gonna name this with my awesome company its submit what we’re doing right now

We’re putting our quest in developer mode so you want to make sure you agree to that it agree unless you’re actually an app developer you’re probably not gonna need this anymore so really this page is finito

we’re done with it now okay

So then we open up our oculus app it doesn’t matter if you’re on Android or iPhone this still works so we want to hit our settings button at the bottom tap Yahoo this quest at the top wait for it to connect nice and connected right here at more settings go to developer mode you see I already have my turned on obviously yours won’t be turned on turn it on awesome and now that part’s done Kitty so next we want to go to forum xda-developers comm again I’m gonna have a link in the description for you so no worries very easy to find this stuff scroll down download the latest version you see right over here I go where’s a already downloaded and already go ahead and click this guy down here go ahead and click the sky down here so we can get this extracted I just drag it right to the desktop you should see my desktop it’s up ms there we go do you want to install ADB and fastboot we hit yes install ADB system-wide we hit yes installing ADB and fastboot system-wide do you want to install device drivers you know what yes I do would you like to install this boys software install all done and that’s that pretty easy so far right and the next thing that we have to do it’s taking our oculus quest take this guy right over here now in order to plug this into your PC I probably should have said this before but in order to plug this into your PC you need to make sure you have a USB C port on your computer otherwise you cannot use the included cable which is USB CD USB C even instead need a USB C to us beat a port okay very important plug it in hello there’s no reason to put it on right now go ahead and type in command prompt CMD type in adb devices ready to hit we are in ok so next we go here again link is in the description for this exact file this is your settings apk so we’ll download that ok so here in command prompt we’re gonna type in adb devices right now you can see that it actually is attached now you can go ahead you can get apks pretty much anywhere online I’m using one in particular right now again the link is in the description I went ahead I named it settings that apk so what I want to do is first I want to know exactly where it is usually it’s best is to simply have it in the directory and then you type and then you type in adb install cases settings that apk and that didn’t work alright so make sure that you know exactly where the file is I just wanted to simply put in my main users file because I was having problems with it and I want to get past it so ADP install I renamed it to settings try to do it cuz it’s easier otherwise need to be typing the numbers and spaces and underscores and it’s just gonna drive you insane look at that sauce s alright Sox pass weird actually done oh wait no we’re not because now we have to play with this guy ok so here we are in our quest now to find side loaded apps go down to TV go on down unknown sources you can see right there our Settings app go to bluetooth now what I actually do is I turn it off first pull out my ear pods open it up as you would right notice how it already turned itself back on by the way hold your iPod button until it’s got this nice little white light at the top here and let’s swing till you see us a little something that says Apple earpods I imagine your name’s not gonna be Joe Gonzales but that’s mine so I’m gonna go ahead and hit that pay ring pay a ring pair with Joe Gonzales his ear pods uh yes allow air plus contacts in call history so I’m just so they’re gonna be letting this call from the West maybe I’m not sure yeah parrot and as you can see it says connected so he’ll let’s give it a shot right lines all the way up I cranked it mm okay this is actually a RIF desk controller that’s that’s gonna be real fun trying to get used to that all right oh my god it actually works I mean seriously this is like so much better yeah it works ok so that is how you use your air pods or really any Bluetooth headphones with your brand new oculus quest not have to rely on these shitty speakers anymore if you found this tutorial to be helpful go ahead and hit that like button I absolutely appreciate it if you do and if you’d like to see more VR tutorials or even VR exploits in the future then go ahead and subscribe thanks for watching we’ll see you next time bye for now



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