Getting Started

This tutorial shows you how to create a simple “Hello World!” program in XNA.

Let’s first start up Visual C# Express 2005.

[img of Visual C# Express 2005]

Next, click File-New Project. Now you should see a list of templates. Choose “Windows Game (XNA)” to create a new XNA game project. Let’s name it – HelloWorld, and click OK. Now a project with a bunch of generated files will created, and the first HelloWorld application is done. Let’s compile it (SHIFT+CTRL+B) and run it (F5) to see what it looks like.

[img of HelloWorld Application] 

What’s Next?

  • Check out XNA for a list of beginner tutorials on how to create 2D sprite and control its movement, which are the essentials for writing your very first PC-Wii game!
  • Go to the XNA Creators Club site for a list of more advanced tutorials ranging from “3D audio” to “Chase Cams” to “creating particle effects”.


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