Before we getting started let’s sort out a couple of things:

1. check out the hardware list for where to get the components necessary for building our PC Wii.

2. (new!) how to play wii games once you completed the hardware setup. Click here…..

The Video Tutorial

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Top 10 Reasons to Build Your Own Wii

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Welcome! This site is dedicated to helping you build your own Wii system, and create your Wii-capable games using your PC or laptop. Here comes the best part, you can do so for less than $50 and in 10 minutes!

The Wii revolution has taught us that it doesn’t take a Hollywood block-buster scale game to get us interested in playing. With the Wii technology, there is so much opportunity that waiting to be explored, and simple mini-games on the PC can be made even more interesting when incorporated with the Wii-remote. I hope with this site can help gamers to turn their computer into Wiis, and designer build interesting Wiimote-enabled games to share with others online. Let’s truely make the Wii experience for EVERYONE!


  • this is a Wii-like system that can potentially play PC games that will take advantage of the wii input modality proposed on this site. This system will NOT play existing or future actual Wii games. Fortunately, there are already a great deal of games you can with this setup without waiting for original games that takes full advantage of the wiimote to come out. I will update tutorials on how to do that over time. Please subscribe to RSS feed to be notified of new articles.
  • most of the ideas came from various smart people who figured out the inner workings of the Wii system and generously posted their findings online, this site is hoping to collect up their loose pieces and finally achieving the ultimate guide for building your own Wii.


On this site, you will the following information:

  • An ultimate guide to creating your own Wii system
  • Tutorials on setting up a game development environment, for FREE!
  • Sample Wii-capable games
  • Other innovative use of Wii-technology for different applications
  • A community of users to share wii-building ideas and help you when you get stuck (hopefully, :))


Ever since its launch in November, 2006, Nintendo’s Wii has taken the world by storm. Even after a year of its release, the Wii console still remains extremely rare to get. It’s almost impossible to buy one in a local store such as BestBuy, Walmart or Target. For online stores, they become sold-out almost as soon as they come into stock. Ebay prices for a wii system frequently goes as high as $600, needless to say, profit is good for those who can get their hands on a couple for re-sell.

I was determined to get one without paying the high price, and I started staking out wii watch sites looking for opportunities to buy one from a local store, failed and tried and tried and failed…. Finally, after a week and a half’s hard work, I finally got my own Wii in January 2007!

After getting a Wii, my interest shifted to the technology: how does it detect motion? What about gesture recognition? What makes it capable of the tracking motion so accurately in 6-axis? Can I use it for something else? Hence, my journey of Wii-hacking began…

This site is awarded “Cool Site of the Day” by coolpick.com (1/07/08)

Nominated for Fox News’ “Best of the Web” (1/09/08)

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