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Video tutorial on YouTube(1-6-08)

The Hardware List

Here is a list of things you need to invest?for building this system:

  • A Wii-mote ($39) – although the Wii console is scarce, the wii-mote seems to be plentiful in a local store near you (e.g. BestBuy, Walmart, Target, ToyRus etc..)
  • A usb bluetooth dongle (optional ~$5) – this allows the PC communicate with the wiimote. If you have a laptop, your laptop may already have?built-in bluetooth capability, in that case, you will not need this.
  • >=2 IR-LED ($4) – for building your own sensor bar. You can buy these in your local RadioShack. If you buy them online, it’ll be even cheaper.
  • A Wii nun-chuck (optional, $19)?- you will need this if you intend to play games that uses the extra input. Since currently, most wii games do not require a nun-chuck, I anticipate there will also be a lot of games that do not need this and therefore not including the nun-chuck as a must into the list.
  • Misc: some batteries, some wires, soldering equipment, some extra IR-LEDs if you intend to develop more advanced-applications.

Step 1: building the Sensor Bar?

To recreate the sensor bar, all you need is the following: two IR-LEDs, some wires, and a battery (can be any battery from 1.5V?to 9V, although for larger batteries, you will need some resistors). Follow the following schematic diagram to build your sensor bar. More detailed instructions can be found here.

Testing? Sensor Bar

Infra-red lights are not visible to the human eye, but?are visible through a webcam.?The image below shows what it?looks like when the battery is take out and when?it is connected (and the components are connected properly).?Click?here for more instructions.

Sensor bar test

Step 2: Connecting the Wii-mote to your PC

For this, you will need a bluetooth capable laptop or desktop. Most recently purchased laptops have bluetooth built-in. In case you don’t have one, you’ll need a bluetooth usb dongle. The bluetooth driver that can be downloaded from their here.

  • If you downloaded BlueSoleil 5.0 or above, instructions on how to connect the wiimote to your laptop can be found here.
  • For earlier versions of the driver, following these older instructions.

Step 3: Testing you New Wii

Go to the downloads page for applications to try out your new Wii with. I recommend using the simple WiiRemote program first since it doesn’t not require additional download of drivers. Be sure you test your Wiimote’s roll/pitch motion as well as the IR position tracking functions first before you move on.

Step 4: Just in case you are still wondering what this is good for, check out this video:

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