Here you may find games and applications to test your system with. Feel free to post links to your projects in the comments section of this page, and I will add them to the download list for everyone to enjoy.

Test applications

WiiRemote – A simple application to test your connectivity of the wii-mote with your PC. It also emulates mouse movements. (download, website). Here’s a video of it in action.

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube link to: wiimote


WiimoteDrumMachine – use the wiimote and nun-chuck and turn your PC into a drum machine!

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YouTube link to: wiimote drum machine

Wii2DShoot – a demo 2D “duck-hunt” like shooting game. Source code can be downloaded that shows you how to add Wiimote support for your games.

Rocket Commander – be a commander of a rocket spaceship and dodge asteroids in high speed action. The original game can be downloaded here. I took the source code and modified it with Wii-mote support and here is the source code of the Wiimote supported version.


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