How to play Wii Games

Although I said it many times that you cannot play actual Wii games with this setup, and the whole point of this website is about getting people excited so they can develop their own PC wii-mote enabled games, but apparently times have changed, now there is a Wii emulator works for the PC. It’s called the Dolphin Wii Emulator.

So I stand corrected….

Check out these video tutorials that show you how to set it:

Part 1:

[youtube lINf34Ivagc How to play Wii Games on Your PC Part 1]

Part 2:

[youtube HJG66wlzj4U How to play Wii Games on Your PC Part 2]

Part 3:

[youtube MwVmpUOHkxI How to play Wii Games on Your PC Part 3]

Playing Super Mario Galaxy:

[youtube 3yiMZrAaWOw Playing Super Mario Galaxy]


  1. hi i just want to know where the sensors need to plug in?? can you please make a video on how to make a sensor and where do we need to plug it tnx

  2. Hi,
    I have a question, my wiiremote is fine with wii games with dolphine, but when i connect nunchuck, system don’t recognise it and show message signal/transmission interepted, can you please guide me what to do to play mario glaxy game or other games which required nunchuck.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi
    i have a question , my Wii system has made some noise when i a game on it .
    what can i do about it

    thanks in advance

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