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Once you have set up the development environment, it is time to create your own game! Here are some freely available open source projects that you can build your game ontop of.

2D Fighting Game

  • ShugenDo – a next gen Mugen fighting, cross-platform, supports Windows, Linux and PS3!

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  • xnaMugen – a XNA port of the Mugen fighting engine

Space Flight Sims


RPG XNA game tutorials – Jim Perry, aka Machaira, has been working on a series on role playing game development using XNA. In this series Jim covers a whole variety of RPG specific game development topics from character properties to quests, spells and items.

Realtime Strategy


Alienvasion – a game written by student: Calvin Liu for his final project. This game is a 3D third person space shooter featuring several powerups and increasingly difficult gameplay.

3D FPS/Adventure/RPG

Reactor 3D Engine – Reactor 3D Game Engine allows game developers to utilize XNA on Windows and XBox 360 without having to know the advanced graphics techniques required. Supports many different quaternion camera styles such as First-Person, 3rd-Person, Orbit, Free Floating, and more. Processing and loading of Half-Life .Map files as well as Half-Life 2 VBsp’s. Supports skeletal animation, boned animation, and keyframed animation actors. Newton Dynamics Engine physics support. GSE 2.0 Networking Support over Windows-Live/XBox-Live or pure .Net sockets for Windows.

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