Connecting the Wii-mote to your PC

Believe it or not, with the sensor bar in place, the hardest part is done! The rest is easy – connecting the wii-mote to the PC. The Wii-mote transmits 6-axis position and rotation information to the Wii-console via bluetooth. Fortunately for us, these sensor data are not encrypted and thus be intercepted by the device capable of bluetooth connectivity. This means, many laptops with built-in bluetooth and usb adapters for many PCs.  The comprehensive list of tested hardware that works with the wii-mote can be found here.

The driver I chose to use is BlueSoleil, that can be downloaded from their website. After download and installing the driver (reboot maybe required), here are the steps for getting it to work:

  • Plug in the bluetooth adapter to your usb and right click on the task-bar to start up the BlueSoleil configuration program (you may need to activate bluetooth if not already activated).

  • Press 1+2 buttons on the Wii-mote and double-click “search devices” to enable the PC to scan for available bluetooth devices. Keep pressing the buttons until it is discovered by Bluesoleil (the 4 lights on the wii-mote should be blinking during the scanning process). Repeat step 1 and 2 if it fails find the Wii-mote.

  • Right click the Joystick icon that appeared on the BlueSoleil program and select “connect”

  • If the connection is established, it should look like this.

  • Finally, go to next section “Testing Applications” to test your connection with programs such as WiiRemote.

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