The hardware list

Here is a list of things you need to invest for building this system:

  • A Wii-mote ($39) – although the Wii console is scarce, the wii-mote seems to be plentiful in a local store near you (e.g. BestBuy, Walmart, Target, ToyRus etc..)
  • A usb bluetooth dongle (optional ~$5) – this allows the PC communicate with the wiimote. If you have a laptop, your laptop may already have built-in bluetooth capability, in that case, you will not need this.
  • >=2 IR-LED ($4) – for building your own sensor bar. You can buy these in your local RadioShack. If you buy them online, it’ll be even cheaper.
  • A Wii nun-chuck (optional, $19) – you will need this if you intend to play games that uses the extra input. Since currently, most wii games do not require a nun-chuck, I anticipate there will also be a lot of games that do not need this and therefore not including the nun-chuck as a must into the list.
  • Misc: some batteries, some wires, soldering equipment, some extra IR-LEDs if you intend to develop more advanced-applications. I also assume you already own a PC or a laptop


  1. What size does the IR-leds have to be?
    And what are the wires called you used to build it?

  2. It does not matter. Just make sure they are IR-LEDs.
    As for the wires, just ask the guys in RadioShack. They should be able to get you some.

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